The standards of Domon Orthodontic Office

bossIt is not until our health becomes poor that we realize the importance of having good health. In the same way, we only realize the importance of good dental health after we lose our teeth.

Unfortunately, when we lose parts of our teeth from cavity or decay, those parts will never repair itself because teeth do not have the ability to heal on its own.

Dentists drill the decayed parts of your teeth and cover those parts up with artificial materials.
Although the technology of dentures and implants are improving each year, the original teeth that we are born with are still the best.

Through orthodontic treatments, we are enthusiastic to extend the life of our patients’ teeth. Here at Domon orthodontic office, we offer you high quality orthodontic treatment through our three standard policies.

1. Innovative technology

photo01We place emphasis on technical studies to gain knowledge and acquire new methods for orthodontic treatments which are constantly progressing every day.

2. Up-to-date equipment

photo03We have installed safer medical equipment to provide patients with a more comfortable and better quality treatment, such as Digital X-ray (*1). (*1: Digital X-ray is a new X-ray system which is substantially safer for our bodies and the environment. The images from the Digital X-ray are much clearer than those from the conventional X-ray system, therefore making it possible to detect small decays and cavities. The exposure to radiation in the Digital X-ray system is reduced to almost (or about) 50% of the conventional system and it does not pollute the environment)

3. Our service and contribution to the local community

photo02We aim to provide medical care standing on the patient side with an emphasis on informed consent. In addition, we continue to contribute to medical care of our local community.